Besides the obvious attraction the bats have within themselves, we operate our high quality, engaging tours in a city that boasts a number of other stunning attractions, too. We are based in a warm and welcoming, fitness forward and American-proud State that offers unique attractions for everyone, as well as being the best known home to our beloved bats!

Known as one of “the” places to be in the world of fitness, The Cap10K takes place along Enfield Road on a yearly basis and attracts young fitness fanatics the world over. From peaceful and free yoga classes held in museums to open fitness sessions held in the Park every Saturday afternoon Austin is fast becoming a sort of Holy town for gym enthusiasts.

Fit local Austin woman sunbathes in a bikini on the lawn at Barton Springs Pool on a hot summerís day in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas.

Fit local Austin woman sunbathes in a bikini on the lawn at Barton Springs Pool on a hot summerís day in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas.

If fitness isn’t your thing then don’t worry, our bat tours aren’t that extraneous! If you happen to take an evening stroll around the famous Lady Bird Town Lake, named after the First Lady who beautified it, and not for the bug. Lake Travis is also in the vicinity and makes an excellent day out in all weathers. Make sure to visit the Boardwalk Trail Running Bridge, too, if only to get the best possible view of the city skyline.

If you prefer a historical approach to your vacations then you may want tour the Capitol building, erected in 1888. You can also find out all about the history of the State by visiting the Bullock Texas State History Museum. While the Blanton Museum of Art offers a more cultural approach to your holiday (and free Yoga sessions on the last Thursday of every month) the Cathedral of Junk offers a more alternative take on modern life. Whatever your enrichment interests Austin can provide!

The Texas Capitol is widely recognized as one of the nation’s most distinguished state capitols. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1986.

For shopping Austin has the fantastic Uncommon Objects antique parlor as well as the up-market Arboretum that provides a place to eat, dine and entertain the kiddies. And if you do bring the kids with you Austin Zoo should be your first stop. They can meet the animals and find lots of fun activities to keep them occupied. Austin Aquarium provides a quieter alternative for the more shy children and Wonder World Park is an underground play-park in a cave that every child is sure to enjoy.

Of course the Bats are the star attraction here in Austin, and there are many places to visit that they specifically call home. Famously they like to colonize the Congress Bridge which provided Austin Batours with a very local opportunity to run tours. However, the largest congregation of Bats can be found in Bracken Cave outside of the city – and here there are an estimated 20 million of them… one of the biggest colonies that we know about today!

So whatever your interests, whatever your hobbies, Austin Texas has it all and more! Book one of our wonderful Bat Tours today and visit a whole array of other famous attractions while you are here. For Bat Tours in Austin make it Austin Battours and let us show you the sights!

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